• Holy Defense Museum



    Cultural Center


    Holy defense is a powerful word in Iran's defending against invasion and museum as a cultural element and place plays an important role in displaying mementos of past generation. the museum was located in Barajin hills near Fadak park and memorial of Qazvins martyrs. A direct access was designed to martyrs memorial element.in general the primary objective was to maintain the organic status and to make the structure shine in the landscape.

    The main idea was using a dome as a holy and spiritual element that has been broken into several parts by the war but still stands and retains its strength, like our country after 8 years of war.

    The main walls of the museum is closed and the museum Is lid by skylights and this makes the museum tough and mysterious like a castle.

    The building around the museum is inspired by brave soldiers that embrace the dome like a mother and guards it against the attacks of enemy. The interior space of museum also rises with ramps and leads to the dome that is the location of martyrs of the war.

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